You are unique,


 the only one a kind and unlike anyone else!

You are an original,

a masterpiece,

so start acting like it!

When you try to be like someone else, you devalue who you really are.

Do not compare yourself to others for there will never be a fair standard to use.

Discover who you are, what you like and embrace what sets you apart.

You are more valuable than rubies and gold!

You are irreplaceable and there will never be anyone like you.

Learn to love yourself a little more and be kind to yourself.

Be patient with yourself

You also deserve to be loved and cared for, and who is better at loving you more than you?

It is when we love ourselves and value who we are that others enjoy being around us.

someone once said that you teach people how to treat you. When you love and respect yourself, others will soon follow suit!